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JACKFRUITWORLD Organizing the unorganized jackfruit industry, which manages and connects from Farming till consumption.

Our application and Self-Interested Groups (SIGs) manage and organize each step and increase farmers' income and rural development.

As per the available statists, the annual production of jackfruit in Kerala is 190.14 thousand tonnes. At the same time, the annual wastage of the state amounts to 35 crore jackfruits approximately. The value of current wastage is approximately more than 3500 crores. Organized farming and the right linkage to the production system will reduce wastage and increase the efficiency of jackfruit production units.


An organized way of jackfruit farming and its production can increase income, job opportunities and eventually can uplift the rural economy.

Jackfruitworld identifies the right jackfruit for production units using the geo tagging and connecting through our SIG’s which will reduce wastage and improve efficiency.

Location based marketplace helps Farmers and producers to find the right market and customers.

We are providing the virtual raw material bank for jackfruit producers connecting with available and resources.